Sohan Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Partners

Sohan Healthcare Pvt Ltd offers a great opportunity for our partners for growth in Pharmaceutical Markets. Our Team has 20 plus years of experience in Pharmaceutical Development, manufacturing and supply support for Global business opportunity for Regulated and Semi-regulated markets right from API to finished formulations. With our experienced team and state of art R&D and manufacturing facilities we can swiftly move product from acquisition to market.

Contract Development and Manufacturing Services: Choose us as your right partner for product development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. We develop the generic pharmaceuticals for which our team can offer a quality product which represents a value to Sohan Healthcare and to our customers. CDMO is offered for Increase productivity, manufacture complex products with our state of art facility. We support development from API to finished formulations for tablets and capsules.

In-licensing: we acquire proprietary products for expanding our portfolio and add valuable IP to commercialized and developing products. We welcome in-licensing, acquisition of products and other partnering opportunities.

Out-licensing: Marketing our product portfolio globally through a network of long- term customer relationship. We welcome collaborative business opportunities for Co-research, Co-development with in-house development facility and the products can be taken to the markets collaboratively.

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